Goodbye, Client Services…

I got my new work laptop today, so I guess it’s official! As of June 2nd, I will be transitioning into a new role here at PSN, outside of Client Services. I’ve worked in Client Services in 4 different roles over the last 7 years, so this is definitely a leap of faith for me!

I will be a Training Specialist, who will assist new employees in their orientation and training, and I will also work within an IT Processes Team that will work with each department to help streamline processes and assist with consistent training between all employees at PSN.

It’s very daunting and I’m so nervous; I admit that I had a mini meltdown this morning when Kelly gave me my first official task. But, I do find it all so exciting! Being in the same department for 7+ years, my job offers very few challenges. This is going to be a big one but I’m so excited to work within a small, close-knit team, and I really think that training is one of the things I am best suited to do.