What does make a great song?

The other day, on his Facebook, Matt Nathanson asked people to comment on what they felt made a “GREAT SONG”. I read through a few of the comments and the consensus seemed to be that a GREAT SONG is one that speaks to your experience… something that feels like it could have been written about that specific moment in your life.

I mentally¬†agreed, didn’t comment, and went about my merry way.

Today, I sit listening to ‘Edge of Desire’ off of John Mayer’s newest album and it’s making me realize that a GREAT SONG doesn’t have to speak to your experiences or what you believe or what you’ve felt. A GREAT SONG can make you WANT to have experienced that… or believe that… or feel that. ‘Edge of Desire’ makes me positively ACHE to feel this way about another person. I’ve never felt that I would toss aside my entire belief system just to have that person laying next to me. And don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with that! But listening to this song…

Anyway. Sort of a weird way to start this “blog” if you will. What say you?