Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…

I was recently talking with a co-worker about needing to practice more patience. She told me how she’d read an article about how patience is not what you should aim for. People who try to be patient tend to bottle things up and then blow up over something small. What you need to practice instead is compassion and understanding.

Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…

This has been my mantra since then, particularly today. I had a very difficult phone call with a dealer I work with frequently, and I continue to be frustrated by gun control posts on Facebook. As if posting an out-of-context quote from a past president, or an article about someone being killed by something other than a gun will change ANYTHING. As if gun control is the ONLY issue. What about mental health? What about getting the guns that are already circulating off the street? And on and on and on?

I know it isn’t right to block someone from social media (okay, let’s call a spade a spade; you know it’s Facebook) because their views differ from mine. But how many times can I see the same things posted, with the same narrow views, listed out like they are facts and not half-educated opinions?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m the expert on gun control or any other issue for that matter. I’m half-educated on a lot of things. But that’s why I am careful what I post to Facebook. I’m careful to read thoroughly what I am sharing as well as any articles linking from that. I’m careful to consider who subscribes to my feed, and how they might be affected by what I’m posting. I try to think about who will be reading it, what they’ve previously posted, and what kind of argument or drama may ensue.

Okay, this blog post has lost its point. I can actually SEE/HEAR myself starting to sound self-righteous and that’s not what I intended. It’s the OPPOSITE, actually. I am trying to be compassionate and understanding to/of the people who are posting things that area really pissing me off.

Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…

My life is a lot like Charlie Brown’s…

"All We Are, We Are" - Matt NathansonI often joke that my life is like Charlie Brown’s… but then days like yesterday and today come and remind me that it IS NOT A JOKE.

Okay, first of all yesterday was Monday. ‘Nuff said, right? WRONG. As Kelly and I were getting ready to leave for work this morning when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet. Cue the panic attack. We had to leave for work so as Kelly was driving, I retraced my steps from Sunday. I called Walgreens where I spoke with a manager who said that yes, they had my wallet. So I made arrangements to go get it after work. Crisis averted.

After a mediocre day at work (not great, not terrible) Kelly and I headed for home… only to realize I’d left my phone at work. This may not sound like a huge deal to some people but to ME? Hell. And since Kelly and I are closers and are some of the last people to leave the building, the door is locked and we can’t go back for it. LAME. I am so behind on Twitter because of this! In addition, Kelly’s phone battery was dead so we had a 40 minute drive home with no cell phone. SAFETY FIRST!

We headed to Walgreens where I spoke to a cashier who called a manager to check the safe. So I waited… and waited… and waited… and the cashier got a call from said manager who said that they couldn’t find my wallet. They asked a series of stupid questions like, “Who did you talk to?” “Are you sure it was this Walgreens?”. The result is the same – they couldn’t find my wallet. So I asked them to call the lady I’d spoken to that morning but they said that she was a new assistant manager so they didn’t have her contact information. Believe me, I KNOW – this makes no sense! So I suggested they take my information and call me when they find it.

After these two traumatic events, I decided that I wanted Chipotle for dinner (thanks to a tweet from my lovely friend, Rhonda). Thankfully I had my debit card; it hadn’t been in my wallet. So we went to Chipotle where the napkin container basically EXPLODED when I went to get napkins, spewing napkins about 6 inches above the counter.

At this point even the small things were setting me off. So we headed for home where the ONLY THING keeping me from wanting to cry was the fact that I had Ellen DVRed with Adam Levine and Slash. (Shut up, I love Adam Levine and I will not be ashamed.) So we get home, I get all cozy in my softies, sit down to eat, turn on the TV… and BOOM – Ellen did not DVR.


*sigh* My tattoo does come into play here… and it’s just the fact that all we are, we are. Ya know? What can you do? You have a bad day, laugh at it, shake it off, and move forward.

I posted the above paragraphs to my Facebook Project 365 album yesterday. When I woke up this morning I had shaken yesterday off and was ready for a better Tuesday! So I went to work and began telling Sara my [now] amusing story about my horrific day yesterday and, as I was telling her, I took off my glasses to clean them off and they just… broke. They didn’t even make a snapping sound; they just fluidly broke. ┬áSuper glue – no dice. Duct tape or electrical tape – nowhere to be found. Scotch tape – to no avail. Thankfully my eye doctor is AWESOME and so is her staff so they put aside a pair of contacts for me and Kelly and I drove there to get them but AGAIN! SERIOUSLY??

I just had to set a picture of Charlie Brown as my desktop at work today. *sigh*