Minnesota Bound

Day 11 - Water

Today we drove to Minnesota to visit Sara and her family! It was (literally) the foggiest day I have ever seen. We drive over the Mississippi River but today the fog was so thick I could barely even see the water.

It’s a fairly short ride (just under 4 hours with no stops) and it’s quite lovely, even in the dreary melty winter. The fog made it surreal; I felt like I was in a video game.

No matter, though – whatever it takes to get to Sara!



Mine. My MacBook Pro. Literally the largest purchase I have ever made on my own, since I inherited my car. I lingered in the land of indecision for WEEKS before finally biting the bullet and choosing the 15″ MacBook Pro without retina display. Her name is Lorelai, in case you were wondering.


New Years Resolution: Blog More


Tonight marked the end of a 4-day weekend. The second 4-day weekend in a row. Kelly had some things to do online and I wanted to get to blogging, so I browsed for word processing programs for Mac, updated my WordPress theme, and wrote a bit… all while enjoying one of the last days of Christmas decorations and watching the Rose Bowl.

Thanksgiving seems like last week! Someone recently told me that for every decade you live, the years feel a month shorter. So, by that logic, the years feel like they last about 9 months, which seems pretty true! Soon it will be time to pack up the mini tree, ornaments, and gingerbread men for eleven months.