The Night She Disappeared Book Review

by Lisa Jewell

This book was my JAM! It took me a long time to finish it but that’s by no means the book’s fault… I joined Bookstagram and immediately had to read so many books because Booksta said so. SMH

What I Liked:

  • Alternating timelines. I’m a total sucker for alternating timelines and/or POVs. It’s used masterfully in The Night She Disappeared, in a way where you actually pay attention to the month and year.
  • I truly had no idea how it was going to end! I had a couple of theories here and there but I never actually settled on one (and even if I had, I would’ve been wrong lol).
  • Lisa Jewell is such a master of suspense. She has a way of weaving the story and laying the backdrop without the story ever feeling boring or drawn out.
  • The genuine emotion in the story. I cried a wee bit!

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The end, the part you’re waiting the whole book for, felt super rushed. I would’ve really enjoyed certain parts (trying to be spoiler-free!) be expanded on and drawn out a bit more.

Have you read this? What’s your favorite Lisa Jewell book?

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