9th Annual K2 31 Horror Movies in October (2019)

We didn’t have a “theme” this year so much as we wanted to see all new movies; nothing we had ever seen before.

9th Annual K2 31 Horror Movies in October

  1. The Open House
  2. The Perfection
  3. Personal Shopper
  4. The Heretics
  5. Ma
  6. Crawl
  7. In the Tall Grass
  8. Sleep Away Camp
  9. Back Country
  10. Emelie
  11. Before I Wake
  12. The Silence
  13. Ready or Not
  14. Terrifier
  15. Zombieland
  16. The Fourth Kind
  17. Hell House, LLC
  18. Stephanie
  19. Zombieland: Double Tap
  20. Hell House, LLC II: The Abaddon Hotel
  21. Hell House, LLC III: The Lake of Fire
  22. Eli
  23. Eerie
  24. House of the Witch
  25. Girl on the Third Floor
  26. Head Count
  27. 30 Miles from Nowhere
  28. Rattlesnake
  29. The Gracefield Incident
  30. The Golem
  31. Countdown

Not gonna lie, y’all, almost peed my pants at the first Hell House, LLC movie. Also, Head Count is DEFINITELY worth the watch.

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