6th Annual 31 Horror Movies in October (2016)

Hey remember how I have this blog? Yeah, me neither. But lately I’ve been thinking that a note in my phone is NOT a great way to keep track of the horror movies we’ve watched during our annual fests.

Did we seriously miss this by ONE MOVIE in 2016?!

6th Annual 31 Horror Movies in October (’16)

  1. They Look Like People
  2. Jeruzalem
  3. The Dead Room
  4. The Windmill Massacre
  5. The Devil’s Hand
  6. The Invoking
  7. The Invoking 2
  8. The Changeling
  9. Curve
  10. The Green Inferno
  11. Visions
  12. Requiem
  13. Lights Out
  14. Hidden
  15. Inner Demons
  16. Trace
  17. The Possession Experiment
  18. Seventh Sign
  19. Sacrifice
  20. Husk
  21. Shorts: The Smiling Man, Candy, The Closet, The Beach, The Trinket
  22. Harbinger Down
  23. All Hallow’s Eve
  24. Holidays
  25. Find Me
  26. Troll Hunter
  27. From the Dark
  28. Shiver
  29. Under the Shadow
  30. The Wailing

I don’t remember the majority of these but I do know that I liked:

  • Jeruzalem
  • Lights Out
  • Troll Hunter (I know, I didn’t expect to like it, either)

And The Green Inferno fucked me up worse than any movie in the history of film.

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