5th Annual 31 Horror Movies in October (2015)

LunopolisMatthew Avant and Hal Maynor in Lunopolis

1) Lunopolis: I watched this a couple of years ago and remembered really liking it, so when Kelly said she was in the mood for an alien movie, I suggested this. I liked it on the second watch as well, but it’s definitely not a horror movie. It is firmly on the sci-fi side of that line. I do recommend it, though!

2) Hangar 10: Found footage alien movie = right up my alley. It was tense and had some good creepy scenes. My only frustration was the last 2 minutes because I actually have NO IDEA what happened. The ending was highly unsatisfying, which leaves a bit of a bad taste over the whole movie for me.

3) Sinister: Sinister is one of the best scary movies out there, in my opinion. This was just a re-watch to prepare for Sinister 2 (of which I am already terrified).

4) Darkness: Well, about 5 minutes in I realized I’d already seen this. It took Kelly about 20 minutes to agree. So, I guess that’s pretty telling. Not great, not bad, not very memorable.

5) The Damned: Decent acting, decent story… but just eh. It was VERY predictable and the characters made some of the DUMBEST decisions ever.

6) As Above So Below: YES! I won’t say much other than this is one of my favorite horror movies in a LONG time.

7) The Culling: Lazy storytelling? Check. Terrible acting? Check. Stupid characters who make STUPID decisions? Check. Horrible script? Check. Ridiculous special effects? Check. Huge amounts of regret for finishing it? Check.

8) The Lazarus Effect: One of the better movies we’ve seen this year, for sure! It has Olivia Wilde and a few good jumps, so I recommend.

9) Don’t Blink: Eh. I liked the idea, but it just didn’t execute very well. I didn’t HATE it, but I definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

10) Jessabelle: I liked this one a LOT. I actually laid awake the night after and thought about it for a long time. It had good jumps, a lot of sensory scares (screaming chills me to the bone), and the element of the main character being in a wheelchair added this really helpless feeling. Definitely recommend!

11) Always Watching: A Marble Hornest Story So, this was a weird one in that I wasn’t overly scared watching it (other than the usual found footage makes me tense sort of feel), but I laid awake for HOURS last night thinking about it. The idea of a faceless man following you when you can’t see him is creepy enough to carry the movie.