Serious Injury List

Serious Injury List

1/13/15 – approx. 8:20am: Slammed myself in the car door. Gave myself a light mammogram, SMASHED my shin. Got queasy and angry. Had to pretend to be happy b/c male co-worker waved to me.

1/14/15 – approx. 6:15pm: Eating Cheetos Puffs. Mostly tried to lick cheesy dust off my finger. I pulled away and she swiped at me. Her claw got stuck in my hand, just above the thumb, and had to be removed manually.

1/18/15 – time unknown: I looked down and was bleeding from a cut on my left index finger. No idea how it happened.

1/19/15 – approx 12pm: I was walking past Mostly and she swiped at me, cutting the top of my right index finger. Different location than the cut on the left index finger. They do not match.

1/20/15 – 12:55pm: Bashed my wrist on break room door handle. Left a big red mark for at least the last 3 minutes, probably more.

1/21/2015 – approx 7:50am: Snowy morning so my shoes were wet when I got to work. Had to use the bathroom so I chose the handicap stall. Approximately 3/4 of the way to the toilet, I slid. Left leg stayed planted. Right lid slid almost to the wall and then locked. Knee hurt for approx. 2 hours. Now the pain runs from the knee, up the back of the thigh, all the way to my shoulder.

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