Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…

I was recently talking with a co-worker about needing to practice more patience. She told me how she’d read an article about how patience is not what you should aim for. People who try to be patient tend to bottle things up and then blow up over something small. What you need to practice instead is compassion and understanding.

Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…

This has been my mantra since then, particularly today. I had a very difficult phone call with a dealer I work with frequently, and I continue to be frustrated by gun control posts on Facebook. As if posting an out-of-context quote from a past president, or an article about someone being killed by something other than a gun will change ANYTHING. As if gun control is the ONLY issue. What about mental health? What about getting the guns that are already circulating off the street? And on and on and on?

I know it isn’t right to block someone from social media (okay, let’s call a spade a spade; you know it’s Facebook) because their views differ from mine. But how many times can I see the same things posted, with the same narrow views, listed out like they are facts and not half-educated opinions?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying I’m the expert on gun control or any other issue for that matter. I’m half-educated on a lot of things. But that’s why I am careful what I post to Facebook. I’m careful to read thoroughly what I am sharing as well as any articles linking from that. I’m careful to consider who subscribes to my feed, and how they might be affected by what I’m posting. I try to think about who will be reading it, what they’ve previously posted, and what kind of argument or drama may ensue.

Okay, this blog post has lost its point. I can actually SEE/HEAR myself starting to sound self-righteous and that’s not what I intended. It’s the OPPOSITE, actually. I am trying to be compassionate and understanding to/of the people who are posting things that area really pissing me off.

Compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding… compassion and understanding…



Mine. My MacBook Pro. Literally the largest purchase I have ever made on my own, since I inherited my car. I lingered in the land of indecision for WEEKS before finally biting the bullet and choosing the 15″ MacBook Pro without retina display. Her name is Lorelai, in case you were wondering.


Jackson & Me

Jackson & Me

I’ve never been much of a “kid person”. I know how that sounds but it’s true. I mean, kids are kids so yeah, they’re cute and funny and all of that. My mom had a daycare in our home as I was growing up, so it’s not like I’m not familiar with them. I’ve just never really ENJOYED being around kids. If I really sat and thought about it, I supposed it would be because I feel pressured around them – to be funny and likeable and fun and whatever else.

ANYWAY, this changed a bit once my friend, Sara, had her first son, Nolan. I spent a TON of time with her when she was pregnant and Nolan came out this tiny, long-fingered little angel that smelled like baby powder. As he got older, he became this adorable, silly, wise little man and I was in awe of him. Then Sara had her second son, Miles, and he is this totally crazy, cute guy with more personality in his tiny fingernail than most grown adults have.

Then, just over two years ago, my cousin Jill and her husband Paul blessed our family two two twin boys – Hudson and Jackson. I didn’t see them a whole lot their first year, but then Kelly and I started babysitting for them every now and again, and I started getting to know these absolutely adorable, smart, funny guys who were so very different from each other.

Now, almost a month to the day after their second birthday, it’s safe to say that I am completely smitten. They are still adorable, smarter than ever, hilariously funny, and still so very different from each other.

The picture above was taken on Christmas Eve, 2012. I wanted a picture with both of the boys, but H wasn’t really feeling it (okay, me) that day, so I figured one dude was better than none. The first picture is me, smiling away, with Jack sort of looking off to the side, unimpressed. Jill kept snapping pictures and the next few are of Jack pointing out my facial piercings, stating “pink” for my nose ring and “white” for my Monroe piercings. From there the pictures dissolve into completely adorable, flailing, dimple-filled (Jack, not me) chaos. The picture above is my personal favorite from the pictures Jill took.


New Years Resolution: Blog More


Tonight marked the end of a 4-day weekend. The second 4-day weekend in a row. Kelly had some things to do online and I wanted to get to blogging, so I browsed for word processing programs for Mac, updated my WordPress theme, and wrote a bit… all while enjoying one of the last days of Christmas decorations and watching the Rose Bowl.

Thanksgiving seems like last week! Someone recently told me that for every decade you live, the years feel a month shorter. So, by that logic, the years feel like they last about 9 months, which seems pretty true! Soon it will be time to pack up the mini tree, ornaments, and gingerbread men for eleven months.

January 1st, 2013

So, this year I basically have ONE New Years resolution: DON’T BE LAZY. A lot of mini resolutions fall under this category such as bake more, blog more, and read more. In the last few days I’m proud to say I have accomplished all three.

The blogging you’re seeing right now. The post ahead is not going to be funny, or interesting, or even worth the read, really… but it WILL be my first blog post about myself (and not Damages, which I admit to being slightly addicted to) in probably over a year. The humor (I hope) will come as I continue to blog (I hope).

Sunday I made champagne cupcakes with champagne icing (recipe here: Kelly got a new stand mixer for Christmas so these cupcakes were its maiden voyage. It made the entire process so much easier, and gave me the courage to try icing from scratch for the first time. Unfortunately, the cupcakes came out waaaay too dense, more the consistency of a cornbread muffing. The icing, though, was AMAZING. So, I still have hope. The point is that I did it and I’m actually really proud of myself. I’ll bake again soon, maybe something more basic. I still have tons of recipes from my cupcake-a-day desk calendar so I sorted through those for some good ones. To be continued.

As for reading more, I’ve basically forced myself to read at least a couple of pages a day of the second book in the Autumn series by David Moody, The City ( It’s not much, but it’s SOMETHING.

Kelly and I have also been going through the house, purging unwanted items to donate to the Salvation Army. We’ve got an asinine amount of books – we must have cleared out more than we kept. Considering the fact that Kelly is like a one-woman library and I’m pretty sure I’ve got hoarder DNA, this was a big accomplishment.

So, that’s my update. Here I am. January 1st, 2013 and already accomplishing more than I did on January 1st, 2012.

Anyone reading this: what are your New Years resolutions? How are you doing so far?