I’m not as random as I BANANA!

I got my new phone last night! I know, how boring – a phone blog. So I’ll steer clear of that topic aside from saying I feel so tech savvy, it’s ridiculous. Then I remember that I had to call Kelly to ask her the best way to uninstall an app.

Writing real life as if it were fiction is HARD! I’ve never had much of a problem writing (that’s not to say I’m excellent but it is to say that it’s always come easily to me). Writing the first snippet for the travel blog is proving to be the most difficult thing I have ever written. I’m seriously thinking of just making it an audio blog. It’s a lot easier to tell the story than author the story.

I guess that’s all I’ve got, other than honey and tea and a spangly new blog theme that features a banana.

What say you?

One thought on “I’m not as random as I BANANA!

  1. Opus the Poet says:

    New tech, almost as much fun as new love and much less likely to give you a disease, unless you count PTSD as a disease. 😉


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