We’ve Gotta Hold On… to What We’ve Got…

Let me start this off by saying that what I am about to type causes me physical pain.

What. Up. with Bon Jovi? Their performance on the Grammys last night was just short of awful! If my BJ love weren’t established at the age of 4, I would have turned them off half-way through ‘We Weren’t Born to Follow’.

Over the last few years Jon has started to sound more like a country singer and less of a rock singer. The optimist in me hoped it was because their last few albums have been decidedly country-based. But with the release of ‘The Circle’ which the band touted a “rock and roll album”, I was sadly disappointed to hear that Jon’s twang was still out and in full force. His enunciation has even taken on a weird quality – “take my-eend” replaces “take my hand” in ‘Livin’ On a Prayer’, etc.

Going back to the Grammy performance – why is Jennifer Nettles getting more air time than Richie Sambora?? I understand that a theme throughout the Grammy evening was mixed performances – GaGa and Sir Elton, Jamie Foxx and Slash (BTW – WTF??), etc. I do, I understand that! But does that mean we can’t even give Richie a little bit of solo time? The poor kid had to come over and stand in front of Nettles just to get some notice. Oh, AND?? Was there no camera in the entire auditorium that could get Tico’s face? We have to settle for half-assed back/side of face shots?

All in all, I was sorely disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still sell limbs to see them live each and every time they come here! It’s just hard seeing them perform and thinking that this could be one of the last times.


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